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About me

 Hi there! 

Welcome to BudgetMinds, I am a part-time blogger, traveler, and photographer from India. I love exploring new things and I have always interest in writing. Though it was difficult for me to start a blog as I am not good at coding.  But when you have will, there is always a way.. right!

So I gone through hundred of pages online to learn the basics and finally started this blog. I admit to say that this is not only a blog for me but an opportunity to learn, explore and share my thoughts to the world. Subscribe to this blog and spread your wings with me. World awaits us!

Rest of my Interests

Blogging is my new love but I also have interests in Travelling and Gadgets. And also like any other Indian I love Cricket beside Bollywood.

Your opinion matters

its you who inspires me! So your opinion really matters as it help me understand what you love and what are you looking for. Don’t be shy, embrace boldness and throw out whats in your mind in the comments. 

Reach at me

Don’t forget to subscribe this blog for seamless update. You can also get connected with me on social media sites and can directly reach too at [email protected]