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Yeh Hai Kolkata ka JAM Meri Jaan

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The day I open my eyes in this world, I was in Calcutta Kolkata. In my school days I learned that Kolkata is also known as City of Procession. But i never figure this out until I reach to little maturity to understand the phenomenon of human-intentionally-created jams. yes! yeh hai Kolkata ka Jam meri jaan.

Yes! when there is a jam and you are able to hear some one getting phonetic on a mic then there is very little doubt that you are not under exposure to (so called) Michil or Dharna.

Once you are inside such a procession, then you barely have rights to move with your own pace.

But at the same time, you have unexpected opportunity to observe the people around you.
During such an interesting observation you will find three sets of people around you. Of course, majority of people would be those who are participant in the procession.

They always come together in such a quantity that they outnumber the rest sets of people every time.They are so passionate about their goal that they do not miss any single opportunity to prove their loyalty or support to their unions and political parties.

Second sets of people are ones like us who are on mercy of such jams. You were thinking that you are disciplined, commuted and therefore can complete any tasks on time, but could not sense this upcoming surprise. Even if you have buffer time in your hand, its hard to predict the time you need to spend stranding now. You may actively try to escape out of this situation but sad that very little can be done from your end.

Third sets of people are those who are though smallest in numbers but get most of the benefit from this opportunity. Yes! damn opportunity, I am talking about the local vendors selling eateries or tea around the dharna place. Local porters always made lucrative offer to attract customers. But its such a time when most important requirement is nothing but constant supply to fulfill the demand.

It is also true that voice against injustice is very important. Thus, it must not be undermine by other factors. But in that context, it is also important to not undermine or neglect the daily needs of mankind.

Some one who is heading to school or hospital may sound like a regular affair. But it does not mean it is less valuable and can be undermine.

Yeh hai Kolkata ka jam meri Jaan. Altogether, somewhat funny but truly its very tough. People who face this on regular basis are obviously tough too. However, I believe that it would be more interesting to know what you feel about these unpleasant processions. Please throw back your response in comment section below or head to travel deals if you are looking to beat the traffic for some time.

  1. Aniruddha says

    hahahaaaa….very nice post. The heading is so crazy.

    1. admin says

      Thanks Aniruddha. Kolkata rocks!!

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