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[Step by Step] How to get Android Nougat on OnePlus 2

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If you are an OnePlus 2 owner like me, you must have read by now about the betrayal of OnePlus to their OnePlus 2 customers.

Although back in June 16, OnePlus has confirmed that OP 2 will get the nougat update during a Q & A session. Recently In Mar ’17, an unreleased version of Android Nougat also spotted on OP 2.

This is absolutely an unfortunate decision made by OnePlus which also shows the upcoming fate of OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5.

OnePlus has closed the doors but it does not mean the end of the story. There is a hope of light always at the end of every darkness. This time the light has a name called Lineage OS.

You must have hear about popular CyanogenMod OS which was famous for Vanilla experience of Android OS.

Step by step Guide

Below mentioned step by step guide can be used to install Lineage OS without any problem hopefully if your device is running at least Android 6.0.1

If you are still running Android version below 6.0.1 then first officially upgrade your OP 2 by going into Setting > System updates > Download OTA package and Install last Oxygen OS 3.5.8.

Disclaimer: Before you proceed, please ensure to take a nandroid back up of your device. Also remember that I am not responsible by any means if your device turns into a brick or paper weight.


Your device need to be rooted to install Custom recovery and firmware. If not already rooted, please go through this method from reliable XDA forums. Root your OP 2 first then install custom recovery.

  1. Download the latest Lineage OS ROM for OP2
  2. Download GAPPS of your choice. OpenGapps are recommended for Lineage OS. Download from here.
  3. TWRP is most favorite compatible recovery. It can be downloaded from here.
  4. Back up your device completely through TWRP and reboot into recovery by pressing and hold the Power + Volume down buttons together until the screen becomes active.
  5. Once TWRP appears first Wipe your Data by Factory reset. Read more details here if not sure or using custom recovery first time.
  6. Install Downloaded Lineage OS and Gapps.
  7. Clean Dalvik Cache.
  8. and REBOOT.


Your device will take little more time in first booting as it will build app cache in background. Meanwhile you may enjoy the cool boot animation of Lineage OS. After few minutes, once booting will complete, follow the setup wizard. Voila your OP2 will feel the breeze of fresh air.

You are ready to go now and enjoy the clean and fast OS which you always wanted. This is why you choose OnePlus over other well established OEMs.

In case of any problem or error you face, you can always move back your device to previous state through your back up made before flashing.

You may leave your feedback or may ask your query in comments section below. Alternatively you may also seek more expert advice directly on XDA OP2 Forums.


Credits: XDA forums. TWRP & Lineage OS and their Developer Community

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